Mass Electronics specialises in designing, developing and manufacturing
high quality products for a diverse range of industries and markets.

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Our Services

Mass Electronics specialises in high quality electronics assembly and product design/development/manufacturing for a wide range of industries and markets.

Electronic Assembly

Our fast and accurate assembly methods include surface mounting, through-hole and hand assembly. Our production department runs state-of-the-art equipment.

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Rapid Prototyping

Our 3D Systems Projet HD 3000plus MJM (Multi-Jet Modelling) rapid prototyping machine allows our product designers to transform 3D product designs into actual prototypes in a matter of hours.

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Tooling and Manufacturing

We have a comprehensive machine shop and tool making facility run by experienced staff. We also offer plastic injection moulding, CNC milling, wire cutting and EDM.

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Our Customers

Mass Electronics is committed to delivering quality electronic assembly, tooling and prototyping services to specialised markets such as HVAC, Building Automation, Energy Management, Hazardous Environment Communications and Building Construction.

HVAC, Building Automation and Energy Management Control Systems.

Innotech is a wholly owned subsidiary that designs and sells control systems for the HVAC and Building Energy & Management markets.

Innotech is an innovator and leader in the design of air conditioning and environmental control solutions. The company's control systems and software hold a strong position in the Australian Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Building Energy Management System (BEMS) markets for mid-sized commercial applications.

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A quick and reusable way of attaching sheeting, screening and netting to scaffold or fencing.

KwikAz is a wholly owned subsidiary that has develops products for the building and scaffolding industry.

KwikAz can be used for scaffold sheeting, debris netting, chain link and shade cloth. It is easier to use than tie wire and cable ties and consists of a reusable steel clips save time and money.

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Automatic device to stop freezing when you walk.

Agilitas represents a new, technologically advanced treatment for freezing of gait. Agilitas is a registered trademark of Bright Devices Group Pty Ltd.

The symptoms of Parkinsons Disease can dramatically change your life. Symptoms of mobility impairment can be frustrating and even dangerous. Bright Devices has developed Agilitas - a real Parkinsons breakthrough utilising the power of cueing.

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An integrated ceiling services all on one platform or stand alone - Air Diffuser + Light + Ancillaries Platform.

AirLight is appropriate for use in the majority of suspended ceilings. It is designed for air conditioning and lighting a broad array of applications such as offices, classrooms, hospitals, factories, laboratories, conference venues and retail centres.

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