Design, Toolmaking, Precision Engineering and Technical Consulting

Our Services:

  • Tool Making
  • Injection Moulding
  • CNC Machining
  • Wire Cutting
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
  • Turning

Our Equipment:

  • HAAS VM2 Mould Making Vertical Machining Centre
  • HAAS OM2 Office Mill 30000rpm Spindle
  • ENGEL Victory 220 tonne Moulding Machine
  • ENGEL Victory 50 tonne Moulding Machine
  • Morgan Press Vertical Moulding Machine
  • FANUC Robocut Alpha OiD 5 axis Wirecut
  • CHMER Electro Discharge Machine
  • Manual Milling Machine
  • Manual Centre Lathe
  • Sandblaster

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